Need a space for your meeting or event?

Procedure for reserving meeting or event space and the Rules of the House:

Reservations for Temple or Sisterhood Committee meetings can be made through the Temple office.

  • If a set-up of tables and/or chairs is needed for the meeting, please call Sue Eisinger.
  • If a set-up for food or beverages is needed, please call Sue Eisinger or Mary Hart at the Temple.

Reservations for the Social Hall or for large groups, please call Sue Eisinger.

Reservations for an outside group to use our building must be made through Sue Eisinger.

  • A Temple member must be present and responsible for our building while the outside group is in the building.
  • The Temple  member would also be responsible for opening and closing the building and for setting the alarm when leaving the building.

Rooms where food and beverages may be served:

  • Social Hall
  • Chapel
  • Foyers
  • Sisterhood Lounge
  • Library (beverages only, no food)

Sue Eisinger, House Co-Chair