All services, meetings, classes and other events are virtual, via Zoom and/or conference call, until further notice.

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In order to protect our families, friends and the public health from the spread of Covid-19, all events scheduled at the Temple have been canceled in favor of ONLINE gatherings. Please understand that this situation will continue until it is deemed safe to reopen.

Welcome to Temple Israel…

Established in 1873 and a founding member of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), we are one of the oldest and most renowned congregations in the American Jewish experience.

  • Serving families from Charleston and surrounding areas of West Virginia
  • Offering an engaging array of education classes, enrichment programs, visiting scholars, concerts, and social opportunities
  • Active Temple Sisterhood affiliated with the WRJ
  • Energetic participation in community social action and interfaith relationship building
  • ​A community that treasures its diversity in all its forms – age, marital or partnership status, gender identity, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity

Learn more about us…

Temple Photo by Louis Davidson | Learn More…

Click here for spring photos of the Temple garden.

Rabbi Liaison Committee wants your input

The Rabbi Liaison Committee will be meeting shortly. If you have any comments or concerns for the committee, please contact Mary Rich Maloy, David Thalheimer, David Shapiro, or Josh Barrett.

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Covid-19 info from other websites

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To access articles on the New York Times “The Coronavirus Outbreak” special site, you will need to create a free account, using your email address and a password. You don’t need to buy a subscription or give them your phone number in order to access the page, though you might be asked to do so.

Click here for Covid-19 resources and information from the West Virginia Legislature.

At last, the blessing of spring.

With the arrival of Passover, we can anticipate the full arrival of spring.  Passover is our spring holiday, a harbinger of lovely weather, which will allow us to comfortably enjoy the outdoors – socially distanced and masked, but feeling the sunshine and breezes. May we all feel the warmth and freshness that comes at this time of year – our own form of blessing, and the sense of liberation at this season, a type of redemption and renewal reflecting the themes of this major holiday that is just ahead of us.

Counting the Omer…

…started with Passover and continues till Erev Shavuot

Passover is the holiday that is identified with Redemption and Liberation; marked by the salvation of the Hebrews from enslavement by Pharaoh in Mitzrayim, the ‘narrow place.’

Starting from the second night/day of Passover, we begin to ‘count the omer’; marking the period when the barley harvest would have been gathered over the next seven weeks, which coincides with the time between Passover and the next major festival holiday of Shavuot, the holiday identified with Revelation and the Receipt of the Torah. This period is seen as symbolically meaningful by some, drawing on the period of seven weeks of seven days to map a spiritual dimension onto this time, and an opportunity for us to examine and focus our attention on what is important at this ‘half-way’ point in the year from one Yamim Nora’im (days of awe) to the next. The counting of the Omer continues through May 16, which is Erev Shavuot.

Rabbi Joe Blair

Baruch Zvi Ring – Memorial Tablet and Omer Calendar


Updated info about virtual services

Most recent

Shabbat Friday, April 2nd
Click here to download PDF of Rabbi’s Blair’s Service Notice with links to the recording of the Shabbat Zoom service held April 2nd.
Click here for the online flip book of the Shabbat Siddur, Mishkan T’filah.

Temple Israel’s newly renovated and reconfigured main Sanctuary.

Temple Israel’s cemetery is located within the boundaries of Charleston’s Spring Hill Cemetery

Click here for important info concerning traffic restrictions at the Temple Cemetery

Click here for a PDF of directions to the Temple Cemetery.

Sisterhood board and general membership meeting Sunday, April 18th at 10:30 AM

Following the meeting, at 11:15 there will be a special program, featuring Karen Sim, the first Vice President of the Women for Reform Judaism (WRJ). All members of the Temple are invited to join us for Karen’s presentation. Zoom LINKS emails have been sent out to all members. If you aren’t receiving Zoom LINKS emails, please contact Rabbi Joe Blair.

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Upcoming Events

10:30 am Sisterhood board and general mem...
Sisterhood board and general mem...
Apr 18 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Sunday, April 18 – Sisterhood board and general membership meeting[...]
7:30 pm Charleston Death Café
Charleston Death Café
Apr 18 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Sunday, April 18 at 7:30 PM – Charleston Death Café
10:00 am Zoom check-in
Zoom check-in
Apr 19 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Monday, April 19 at 10 AM – Zoom check-in
10:00 am B’nai Jacob Torah class
B’nai Jacob Torah class
Apr 20 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Tuesday, April 20 at 10 AM – B’nai Jacob Torah[...]
1:30 pm Rabbi Blair’s WVU OLLI class
Rabbi Blair’s WVU OLLI class
Apr 20 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Tuesday, April 20 at 1:30 PM – Rabbi Blair’s WVU[...]
All services, meetings, classes and other events are virtual, via Zoom and/or conference call, until further notice.

Rabbi Joe Blair. You can read Rabbi Blair’s bio here.

Contact Rabbi Blair if you would like to participate in Charleston Death Cafe Zoom sessions.

The Charleston Death Café next meets on April 18.

Read about the local café (past programs) here. To visit the international site, click here.


If you are planning

  • a move,
  • changing your phone number (or deleting a number, such as a landline), or
  • a new email address,

please contact the Temple office as soon as you have your new contact info. We have no other way of obtaining this information, except from you. Please email your new contact info to the Temple office at

Watch memorial service for Rabbi Israel B. Koller on Facebook

photo courtesy the Charleston Gazette-Mail

Recorded October 15th. Click Facebook to watch the service. When Facebook tells you to login or create an account, simply click “not now.”

Click here for a link to the video “Living Our Faith: How can people of faith help heal racial divides?,” a collection of uplifting and hopeful messages of interfaith clergy in Charleston, West Virginia, coming together as partners in justice and healing.

The Racism Summit sponsored by The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation via Zoom is continuing. More info online at


Please think generously and donate as you are able

Needs continue at elevated levels. Please be generous. There are so many who are struggling, and needs continue to run unusually high in light of the Corona Virus Pandemic impact.

In addition, there are many suffering from natural disasters, including volcanoes, flooding, typhoons, and fires – far too many endangered by violence caused by civil unrest and war in many locales, and uncountable numbers who are being hit by supply chain failures for food and medicines in many areas – not only locally, but globally. The result is that needs are greater now than anticipated, and the urgency is even greater than it might have been in better circumstances.

Please think generously and donate as you are able. Federated Jewish Charities, AJWS, HIAS, Mazon and so many other organizations are faced with requests from an overwhelming number of those in dire need, and our local charitable groups are experiencing needs not seen before. Please remember the many Tzedakah opportunities locally: Manna Meal, Covenant House, YWCA’s Sojourner’s Shelter, RCCR and all the other worthy causes in our community, and those beyond.

Make your donations directly to the worthy organization(s) of your choice, and be as generous as you are able.