Temple Israel Cemetery (B’nai Israel Cemetery)
Located within the boundaries of Charleston’s Spring Hill Cemetery

Temple Israel Cemetery,a private cemetery located within Charleston's Spring Hill Cemetery.Temple Israel owns a cemetery, called the Hebrew Addition, in Charleston’s Spring Hill Cemetery. In addition, the Cemetery Committee oversees the Old Jewish Cemetery in the historic Old Circle of Spring Hill Cemetery. For information about our cemetery, please contact Ron Eisinger, Warden and Cemetery Committee Chair.

Click here for a PDF of directions to the Temple Cemetery.

Temple Cemetery middle road temporarily repaired (it doesn’t look quite like this anymore)

There has been a temporary repair that should allow normal use of the middle road and the usual exit from the cemetery.

There is no longer any need to avoid using that road.

The only caution is that the repair is (largely) gravel (loose, not cemented in place), so a slower speed is recommended when driving over it.

A long-term/permanent solution is in the works, but timing is not yet determined.